Thank you for coming!


It was an honor to have you be part of the birth of She is the Universe.

This project is a piece of my heart, so having you in the room, supporting me, the girls, and crazy dreams of bringing the voices of 111 girls to life was such a gift.

Here is where to find the project:


The sticker (download the App)

The sticker inside the envelop is loaded with something :) Download this app to discover what’s in there! I think it is a cool little something.

On September 18th

We are going live with the first video on September 18th. Please share the project that day especially. There is a girl out there that may need to hear what our feature girl this week, Ann Marie (my niece) has to say.


Press Contact:

She is the Universe is a global media platform created to empower teenage girls through the power of storytelling.

Laura Peña, Founder & Creative Producer

Phone: (201) 759-0772